Meet the members



Sean (SHREDDER) has been playing music for almost 20 years and has been influenced by many genres in music. He grew up watching his step dad and biological father playing together in the same band. They hit the bar scene playing top 40 covers while also working in their original band called TWELVE GAUGE. Growing up surrounded by music developed his keen sense of music and writing abilities without him realizing its influence.

 At the age of 14, he had mastered the intro of THE UNFORGIVEN by METALLICA completely on his own. It was that moment  he started to take music more seriously and begin this incredible journey.

As a musician, shredders true love is Metal, but finds himself influenced by many diverse genres that find their way infused into his writing. Fun fact, his favorite band to this day is THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, who were introduced to him by his brother KEVIN.

Making music is Shredders favorite thing to do. Writing and creating nearly daily, he never stops finding inspiration around him, even being drawn in by old achool video game music. Shredder loves to create a story with his music and says that, "Music is a story and you are the author. Every note is a sentence and every riff can be a paragraph or a  phrase. Once it is all put together right, the story comes alive."

Currently SHREDDER uses an ENGL INFERNO head, MESA 4x12 cab , SHURE wireless, and PEAVEY VICIOUS  2 V- EMG



Jenea grew in Sammamish, WA where she found her love of music from her father. Jenea was always singing from the moment she could talk. Her family tells stories of her singing in her sleep, singing in front of cameras, and performing anywhere someone was willing to listen.

Jenea continued with her love of singing and performed in show choirs and jazz choirs throughout high school. She also trained classically and formed a fascination and love of opera. She spent her adolescent years competing within classical music and leading her schools vocal jazz ensemble through complex music. She credits her love of music theory, and her knowledge of vocal techniques to the incredible dedication of her high school instructor, ANDRE SPICHAK.

After high school, Jenea continued her training, studying vocal performance at the Lionel School of Music at the University of Idaho.

Jenea's classical music career was ended abruptly with a botched dental procedure that left her with a mouth and tounge that was permanently numb. She stopped singing and began working on learning how to speak normally again.

6 years later, she dove back into singing with Kitsap County based 90s alt rock cover band, LANAS GARAGE.

After five years of performing with LG, she found SHREDDER on Facebook. He sent the instrumental of THUNDER, and she grabbed a mic, some headphones, wrote down some lyrics, created a melody, and recorded her ideas right over their music that very same day. She sent it to the guys and won them over immediately.

She says that, "Working with these incredible musicians and being given the chance to write with authenticity and freedom has been life changing. Meeting these guys was always meant to be. We were always ment to be, HANGFIRE."

Shannon Laird



Born in Abilene, TX to a military family, Shannon was raised at Eielson Air Force Base. It was here where he had access to one TV channel where he stumbled across the Blondie music video, "Dreaming". Immediately he fell in love with music and was mesmerized by the drummer and how hard it looked like he was working. Two months later, he had his first drum pad.

After moving to the North Pole at age seven, Shannon was gifted his first drum set, a Maxwin 4 piece with a ride and crash cymble. 

By age 15, Shannon was in his first band, "Skellum" which is still known today in Fairbanks Alaska. He was honored the chance to open for Ozzy Osbourn at the Carlson center, later headlining their own show. Craving a bigger city with more musical opportunities, Shannon headed to Seattle in 1992.

Since then, Shannon has played with bands such as, "For The Love Of Suffering" "The Braindead" "Disciples Of Dissent " and "Testing Trinity". He has opened and shared stages with many if his heavy metal heros.

Shannon was introduced to HANGFIRE by Steven Tobeck and has been playing with them now for three years. 

"I've worked with many musicians. I love this band. Greatest music I've ever created. The most beautiful of souls to deal with."

Gear: Tama Drums and Cymbal stands, DW kick pedals and remote hat stand. Zildjian Cymbals. Evans drumheads and Vic Firth drumsticks.

Steven Tobeck

Monster Bassist

Steven started playing guitar at the ripe age of nine years old. Soon after learning guitar, at the age of 15, Steven picked up the bass guitar and never looked back.  He started out playing for the stage band and swing choir in high school. But it wasnt long until Steven began his journey of making original music with bands. Once he started working with other musicians, he put together his first group called SILVER TRAIN.

In 1975, he moved to Aberdeen Washington and joined the group, THE ROCKLES who performed in concerts that shared a stage with exciting bands like HEART, THE RAMONES, DR. HOOK and LEE MICHAEL'S. 

In 1979 Steven moved back home to Olympia and played with BLACK LABEL BAND(not Zack Wylde) that shared stages with acts including, EDGAR WINTERS, MOLLY HATCHET, CANNED HEAT, THE HOLDING COMPANY, and FOGHAT.

Steven has stayed busy playing locally with friends and other musicians until he crossed paths with the one and only SHREDDER. Together, they created HANGFIRE and started writing original metal music that created a surge of excitment. After two years of working together, they found an incredible drummer, SHANNON THE CANNON who double kicked their excitement for the future of HANGFIRE.

Steven remained involved and passionate about the possibilities of HANGFIRE for three years before the three bandmates, now forming the core of HANGFIRE discovered local vocalist JENEA, completing the family and taking their music to the next level. When you ask Steven how he feels about this group, he simply smiles and says, "I love this band."

Steven's gear: Ibanez 5 string SDGR BASS GUITAR, XLS CROWN Drive Core amp, Peavy ProBass 1000 pre-amp, and SWR 4x10" speakers/ 1 18" Celestion.